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  Functional Test Software   Functional Test Software is used by electronics manufacturers to perform a full functional test of a product after assembly is complete and before the product is shipped.

AVS Corp has been supplying Functional Test Software to major electronics manufacturers for over five years. Projects have included:

  • Network Interface Cards (HPNA, 10 Mbit, 100 Mbit, Gigabit)
  • DSL Line cards
  • Modems (Controllerless and conventional, Internal and External)
  • Ethernet Hubs/Switches/Repeaters
  • Print Servers
  • Personal Electronics devices

Functional Test differs from In Circuit Test in the following ways:

  In Circuit Test   In Circuit Test
  • Focuses on individual components
  • Often does not run at full product operating speed
  • Often does not operate the product as a complete unit
  Functional Test   Functional Test:
  • Operates the product in a "customer like" fashion
  • Operates the product at full operating speed
  • Operates the product as a complete unit

Because of these differences, someone developing Functional Test Software must understand not only Fucntional Test, but also the device being tested. AVS Corp offers more than just "contract software developers". We understand Functional Test from the inside out and have worked with a wide variety of devices. As a result, we can offer Functional Test solutions, not just code.


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